From CAD to real, we design to work!

From CAD to real, we design to work!

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Worm gear screw jack series BD

The series BD worm gear screw jacks have been designed for some most demanding applications. There is two versions available either with trapezoid spindle or with ball screw spindle. These screw jacks are used as single unit or in arrangements for linear movements of some heavy loads. Screw jack systems offer a synchroneous speed on all connected lifting points. Our applications are in main industries like plastics machinery, steel industry, pulp and paper or automotive fields.

Trapezoidal series BD:

The trapezoidal series BD contains 8 sizes with lifting capacities up to 100 tonne, on request we even offer 150 tonne. Standard sizes offer lifting speed up to 2.4 m/min which can be doubled with two start spindle.
The standard spindle length can go to 6 meter, while we made spindles up to 12 meters.
Most of our trapezoidal worm gear screw jacks are self locking, while our engineering can check every application for proper use.

Ball screw series BDK:

The ball screw spindle series BDK contains 4 sizes with lifting capacities up to 12.5 tonne. Bigger load appliactions are engineered on request. Lifting speeds depend on the used spindle material and are up to 5.4 m/min with standards, bigger on request.
Since ball screw spindle are not self locking they have to be used with brake motors.
Ball screw spindels are mainly used for higher lifting speed and higher operating cycles.

Screw jack variants:

The ASC Antriebe engineers work with you to achieve your lifting goals. We supply variants like lifting nuts, bellows, motor flanges, load carrying protection tubes. From stroke limiting switches to stop nuts, safety nuts or antibacklash versions, we combine our screw jacks with bevel gearboxes, couplings, cardan shafts and electric motors to a complete system that fulfils your needs.
We work with state of the art 3D CAD systems and engineering tools to help you complete your machine and documentation.


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