From CAD to real, we design to work!

From CAD to real, we design to work!

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Bevel helical geared motor Series K

Our Series K geared motor comes with gear case in cast iron with integrated feet for versatile mounting. It can be fit with single or double outputshaft while the basic design is made for hollow shaft mounting.

When mounted with output flange these Series K can be directly mounted to the machine or using its torque arm can be used as shaft mounted geared motor.

Also series K base on our SWIFT stock system for fast availability and low inventory.

As it be supplied as triple and quintuple reduction units in flange, foot or shaft mount execution the series K is a flexible solution for your drive application. IEC and NEMA adaptors for using serial motors from the shelve also works on series K.


> IEC and NEMA Motoradapters for highest flexibility
> SWIFT inventory system for best availability
> Integrated feet for versatile mounting
> Compact design can replace existing drives from various brands

Technical data:

Input power: up to 160 kW
Output torque: from 80 Nm to 50 000 Nm
Possible ratios: up to 160 : 1 in 3 stages to over 36 000 : 1 in six stages
Gear cases: 11 sizes starting from 30 mm Hollow shaft


IEC motor adaptor, free input shaft, NEMA motor adaptor, easy allows motors with brake, double sealring option, ATEX availability, SWIFT stocking system, KIBO hollow shaft, back stop flange for IEC motors, special output shaft availability...

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