KFBD for Diesel engines

KFBD for Diesel engines

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Fluid couplings for chippers

Transfluid Fluid Couplings are used on all types of industrial equipment driven by internal combustion engines up to 2300 kW. By transmitting power through a fluid, they improve overall performance and protect both driving and driven machine.

Especially on mobile machines with Diesel engine like shredders or chippers fluid couplings offer distinctive advantage. See Transfluids Newsletter in our download.

1. Frees engine during heavy starts

During heavy starts and sudden running load increases, engine stalling is prevented. The Fluid Coupling simply slips while the engine smoothly picks up the load.

2. Provides cushioned drive

Mechanical connection is eliminated; power and torque are transmitted entirely by the mass and velocity of the fluid. The result is a smooth, sustained flow of power without the shocks and strains which, with mechanical drives, reduce equipment life.

3. Prevents transmission of shock loads

Fluid Couplings protect both driving and driven equipment by smoothing out shock loads and preventing them from impacting the drive line.

4. Assures damping effect

Torsional vibrations from engine are drastically dampened by Fluid Couplings allowing longer life of entire transmission line.

5. Transmits full input torque

The patented Transfluid Circuit design always delivers output torque equal to input torque. The engine can operate at the maximum torque-rpm, even when the driven equipment is stalled.

6. Improves load distribution on compounded drives

With Fluid Couplings, engines no longer fight each other when a common drive is driven in parallel. Each engine is free to seek its own operating speed, while the Fluid Couplings balance the load requirements at each point of operation.

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