From CAD to real, we design to work!

From CAD to real, we design to work!

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Electric motors Series MT

ASC Antriebe AT supplies Electric motors up to 1400 kW power. The Series MT ranges up to 315 kW with IEC size 315. Series MT is a European Quality Product. Most of our product range can be supplied following ATEX, UL/CSA and of course in IE2 and IE3.


>EUropean Quality
>Flexibility with special applications
>Short lead times

Technial data:

>Electric motors in threephase and singlephase execution up to size IEC315
>2, 4, 6, 8, pole and pole changing motors available
>output power up to 315 kW
>Brake motors with AC and DC brake up to IEC200
>CSA/UL and ATEX execution available


Special voltage and/or frequency; special dimension; forced ventilation; Encoder; double brake; extended protection; special motor to customer design available.

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