From CAD to real, we design to work!

From CAD to real, we design to work!

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Elastic coupling B3M and BM

Flexible couplings - BM

BM flexible couplings born from hystorical BT mounted since decades on Transfluid fluid couplings in thousand of applications. It is basically the same well tested product but designed for shaft to shaft installation suitable for all engineering purpose, where a continuos transmission of power is requested, even in the presence of possible shaft misalignments. Due to high quality and damping property of the flexible elements, the BM couplings offer reliable opeation performances protecting the coupled machine parts.
They require no maintenance except for regular checking of the elements: the B3M design allows the replacement of flexible elements without moving the machines.
Several types and sizes are available ex stock for torques from 20 up to 33.100 Nm.
Atex certification available.

Advantages of BM-B3M:

-Compensation of misalignments
-Shocks and vibrations damping
-Fail - safe and withstand high overloads
-Ensure easy assembly and alignment
-Prompt and easy change of flexible elements
-Maintenance free

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