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From CAD to real, we design to work!

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Torque limiter Series 200

The Series 200 torque limiter is the solution that will protect the drive line when it disengages at a preset trip torque value.

The trip torque value can be set within the coupling torque range and is to be set above the normal start-up and operating torque, while it is to be set below the overload torque that would damage components from the application.

The Series 200 torque limiter is built with drive balls held within drive plate and slide plate with spring sets that can be adjusted to the torque needed.

The torque limiter disengages on overload and can be supplied in different versions for its reengagement:
AC – for automatic random reset
ACT – automatic synchronous reset
AF – free wheeling disengagement for manual reset


> precise overload protection
> bi-ricetional overload protection
> automatic, manual or synchronuous re engagement
> cost effective design

Technical data:

Trip torque: 1 Nm to 8474 Nm
Speed: up to 2000 rpm
Model sizes: 6 up to 100 mm input bore


Connection with elastic couplings, Belt and Chain drives, Limit switches


Series 200 torque limiters popular solutions are found in Printing machines, Mixers, Pelletizers, Pumps, Labelling, Filming Machines, Reel Stands, Conveyors, Bottling machines

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