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From CAD to real, we design to work!

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Planetary Gearboxes, Worm Gearboxes & more with Full Service - from ASC

When it is about drives and transmissions, it is the ASC ANTRIEBE DISTRIBUTION & SERVICE GmbH since more than 20 years, your strong partner with international background. If it is worm gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, screw jacks or even torque limiters - we offer quality from one hand - individually cut to your demand!

Planetary gearboxes, worm gearboxes, screw jacks - triple variety from ASC

In main focus are our planetary gearboxes for industrial and mobile application with torque rating up to 3 000 000 Nm. Especially reliable and long life quality are our SALA shaftmount gearbox Series J. Same is Benzlers Series F, gearboxes are widely used in paper mills, saw mills and related industries where the advantage of the KIBO hollow shaft for fast mounting and dismounting is used. Through its modular design very variable is also the Series BS worm gear boxes - that with a special Tufram coating and stainless shafts- gets environmental classification and suitable for food industry. The screw jacks and lifting systems from our series BD follow the vast demands in plastic machineries, but are used in all other segments like steel industry.
These are only three examples from our wide variety of industrial gearboxes - while we also offer the suitable unit from our other series like helical-, bevelhelical gearbox or hoistung gearboxes for you.

Competence from A-Z, whether it is shaft mount gearbox, bevel gearbox or gear coupling

With our experience we offer more than screw jacks or bevel gears but also elastic couplings, torque limiters with overload release for full packege supply following your demand.
From components, modified standard solutions to your customized application:

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Planetary Gearboxes, Worm Gearboxes & more with Full Service - from ASC

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