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Elastic coupling series GP

are flexible coupling with best performance in relation to the physical space occupied in its class. It has a very compact design, absorbs peak loads and torsional vibrations for reliable power transmission.
The elastic design compensates angular and radial misalignments as well as small axial variabilities.
Due to its design the elastic elements work under compression load and never in a bending situation.

The two coupling hubs are electrically insulated from each other and can follow the ATEX 94/9/EC standard.

The Elastic coupling series GP ranges with torques up to 28 000 Nm while its smaller sizes can run with speed of up to 14 000 rpm.

Hubs are available in aluminum, cast iron GG25, steel or even cast iron GGG40.
Spiders are available in PU resin offering resistance to aging, hydrilysis, fatigue and abrasion. Special types are offered following the different demands in many business segments.

All Elastic couplung series GP range is available as 3D CAD design. ASC us!

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